Tech For All

Through digital inclusion and innovation, Tech For All empowers women and their communities to advance sustainable development and harness technology to overcome barriers of social, economic, and gender inequality.


Program Objectives

Information and communications technology

Develop a sustainable model for adopting Information & Communication Technology (ICT) in rural and marginalized communities.

Technological tools and skills

Strengthen our organizational impact through a measurable increase of digital skills in PSYDEH’s team and women partners.

Boost digital literacy

Facilitate accessible technology and training in communities across rural Hidalgo.

Rural infrastructure

Mobilize digital resource centers equipped with satellite internet and solar power in rural and marginalized communities.

Sustainable development

Co-create innovative tools, resources, and opportunities using technology that bolster social, economic, and gender equality.

The harsh geographic conditions of the region mean that it's very difficult to guarantee any kind of internet connection in the communities where we work. Because we must travel between incredibly isolated communities on long bus rides, it's common to have no phone signal.

Now, when we arrive at the digital resource centers where, in collaboration with Viasat, internet antennas have been installed, our team can use the internet during cooperative workshops, attend video calls, and inform our team that we've arrived safely at our destination— none of which was possible before Tech For All.
Jorge Echeverría Merlo
PSYDEH General Coordinator

Program Phases

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Join our efforts to expand equality and digital inclusion across rural Mexico by investing in Tech for All.

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