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Psydeh + Team4Tech

Team4Tech (T4T), a US-based education-focused nonprofit, has committed to a long-term partnership with PSYDEH focused on integrating contextually appropriate technology solutions in our community-led development work.

Why We Partner

PSYDEH’s learner-centric, experiential education-based, community organizing work focuses on the rural, isolated communities in which our Indigenous women beneficiaries live. We endeavor to provide these women and their communities with the tools they need to drive their own rights-oriented, sustainable development.

A major challenge to success in this work is increasing access to and smart use of information and communications technology (ICT) in a contextually appropriate manner. Our partnership with T4T is a response to this difficult task.

PSYDEH was selected as one of eight organizations from across the world, their first from Mexico and third from Latin America, to join T4T’s global community of nonprofit allies in 2022 for a three-to-five-year partnership.

T4T’s mission is to advance progress around United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.4 – “ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.” To do this, T4T partners with global technology companies like Adobe, Cadence, HPE, Intel, and Zoom to build and implement social impact projects that provide ICT technology grants and training to nonprofit partners with the aim to build their capacities to better educate underserved learners.

Where We Focus Our Efforts

Over the long term, we use this collaboration to innovate an ICT proof of concept for grassroots non-profits working in rural, isolated areas across Latin America and the Global South.

In the shorter term, we expect to enhance PSYDEH’s 2022-2024 field programming by (1) improving digital linkages between our field hubs and the world, (2) increasing transparency and communication between and among PSYDEH staff and women partners, and (3) securing technology hardware and software we need to pursue excellence with our fieldwork.  Another priority is to deliver to rural women solutions to their own local ICT demands.

Why it is a Win-win Partnership

T4T expands their nonprofit partner portfolio to include Mexico, the second-largest market in Latin America, which faces massive ICT challenges coupled with social and economic inequality. They get to work with an innovative organization that approaches their community-led development work through a gender lens, including how what we do always reflects women’s demands. T4T also wins a grassroots-focused organizational partner interested in and capable of forging a win-win, for their organization and their company partners.

PSYDEH wins a long-term commitment from an established US-based nonprofit that is an expert in rural technology integration and who has a large network of global technology companies eager to collaborate on social impact projects. Our partnership also affords PSYDEH and local partners the critical funding and expertise we need to solve long-standing ICT challenges. This type of alliance is exactly what we need to inch closer to our becoming a more sustainable operation.

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