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Psydeh + Wise

Why We Collaborate

London, UK-based Wise was launched in 2011 with the vision of making international money transfers cheap, fair, and simple. Today, their multi-currency account helps millions of people and businesses manage their money across the world. Wise’s Sustainability & Social Impact (ESG) team selects eligible charities for annual grants. PSYDEH, for our part, welcomes resource-rich alliances, especially from companies like Wise who offer a critically important service to countless Mexicans living and working across the Americas and the globe.

Where We Focus Our Efforts

Wise selects grantees who are focused on making an impact in areas like women’s empowerment. Their invitation to the grantee is to apply the funds to specific programming with the aim of making a measurable impact.

In March 2023, Wise awarded to PSDYEH a grant for GDP £17,717. These funds are used to underwrite year two of our women’s economic solidarity Red Sierra Madre programming, including empowering women as community leaders and co-leading the incubation of their own network of four cooperatives.

Moving forward, PSYDEH will remain in touch with Wise from time to time, including delivering a 2023 year-end report with qualitative stories and quantitative metrics on how their donation is used, the type of impact we make together, and with whom.

Why it is a Win-win Alliance

Wise’s generous, targeted investment in PSYDEH shows how they are socially responsible and even more, committed to making an impact through their generous financial donation.

For Mexican PSYDEH’s part, this UK-based corporate alliance is a first of its kind. The donation’s short-term/medium-term nature helps us to be forward-thinking. It also shows what is possible for Mexican nonprofits and corporate allies based in places like the UK willing to think outside the box with an eye to engagement-facilitated impact.

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