Our Model


PSYDEH [see-day] accompanies rural and Indigenous women to address social, economic, and gender inequality in their communities across Mexico and the Global South as empowered citizens, leaders, entrepreneurs, and organizers.


PSYDEH empowers rural and Indigenous women in Hidalgo, Mexico as community leaders to address local social, economic, and gender-based inequality.



Listening and leading through self-awareness, clarity, respect, and compassion.


Learning and collaborating to inspire and activate new worlds of peace, possibility, equality, and justice.


Ensuring congruent actions and results through a shared dedication to excellence.


Acting with integrity, according to personal and shared commitments, and, when necessary, openly honoring and learning from mistakes.


Modeling desired conduct through direct, empathetic inquiry that fosters meaningful dialogue, actions, and solutions.


Empowering one another to live in alignment with values that promote our personal well-being and the well-being of our colleagues, our environment, and that of the generations to come.

Living leadership values are core to what makes PSYDEH’s work meaningful and sustainable. Our values are ‘living’ because each is learned, developed, and strengthened through active participation and reflection in both the personal and collective.

Value Propositions

  • Sustainability is paramount: We accompany women and their communities through education and empowerment to determine long-term solutions and sustainable opportunities that address local challenges.
  • Local needs and human rights guide our work: Supporting PSYDEH is an investment in community members working towards shared goals. All collaborations center on human rights and prioritize local feedback.
  • Intentional transparency: We promote openness, trust-building, and transparency through ongoing sharing with local and global partners about what we do, why, to what end, and with what resources.
  • Creative impact: We prioritize creativity, expression, art, and storytelling as essential tools to uplift cultural traditions and generate community-led innovation.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach: PSYDEH’s work, dedicated to systems change and targeting the roots of social, economic, and gender inequality, is led by people from all backgrounds. We thrive as an organization because of the diversity among our staff, partners, and allies.

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