Our Team

PSYDEH’s team is made up of people from across Mexico and the globe. We are a diverse and multidisciplinary team working both in-person and remotely. Currently, PSYDEH is made up of a field team based in Mexico City and a satellite team based in Tenango de Doria.

Field Team

PSYDEH’s field team is dedicated to the planning, implementation, measurement, and evaluation of our flagship programs. Our field team is led primarily by women from and based in the region where we work. This approach promotes economic empowerment and workforce opportunities for local professionals. A hyper-local team also ensures that PSYDEH’s programs are designed to meet regional needs and demands.

Satellite Team

Our satellite team is made up of staff and volunteers based in Mexico City and around the world. PSYDEH’s satellite team is focused primarily on organizational sustainability including resource-raising, partnerships, grant writing, program development, reporting, and digital communications. You can learn more about how to join PSYDEH’s satellite team as a Global Collaborator here.


Katie Freund Head of Strategic Partnerships & Learning
Alejandra Ríos Pérez Field Program Coordinator
Citlali Aparicio Estrada Field Corps Leader
Jazmín Manrique Vigueras Field Corps Leader
Jorge Augusto Echeverría General Coordinator
María de los Ángeles Luna García Board President
Kevin Fitzpatrick Videographer
Nancy De Lucio Vargas Field Corps Leader
Hannah Swenson Sustainability Coordinator
Monica Burba Strategic Communications
Salma Sinaí Soto Montes Field Team Leader
Damon Taylor Senior Advisor
Liz Klarecki Global Collaborator
Ailine Angeles Martinez Tech Strategy Consultant

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