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Psydeh + Kroll Charitable Foundation

Why We Collaborate

The Kroll Charitable Foundation (originally Duff & Phelps Charitable Foundation) was established in 2018 to nurture innovative ideas, impact economic and social issues, and enable progress in underserved communities around the globe. The Charitable Foundation Committee selects eligible charities and Kroll employees vote on the donated grant amount. The Foundation also regularly helps to link organizations with Kroll employees on varied volunteer tasks. PSYDEH, for our part, welcomes resource-rich, forward-looking alliances.

Where We Focus Our Efforts

The Kroll Charitable Foundation selects grantees who are focused on making an impact in areas like the environment, education, health, women’s empowerment, and community integration. They also look to grantees wanting to use the initial donation as not just a one-off donation, with the financial grant also sometimes including employees volunteering with their donees.

In 2020, PSDYEH was awarded an $11,000 grant by Kroll employees, one of twenty-two charitable organizations across the globe chosen. These funds are used to produce our 2021-2022 COVID-19 recovery program supporting indigenous women and their communities, including their producing their own micro-impact projects.

We also met Kroll employees at a March 2021 ‘Lunch & Learn’ presentation that aimed to grow PSYDEH’s footprint within the company. Here, we shared with their global staff a little about who PSYDEH is, how women-oriented, community-led development work is THE solution to wicked challenges like inequality in underserved communities, and a few ways in which their people might get involved as volunteers.

Why it is a Win-win Alliance

Kroll’s generous investment in PSYDEH shows how they are socially responsible.

For PSYDEH’s part, the corporate alliance is a first-of-its-kind for PSYDEH. The investment’s short-term/medium-term nature helps us to be forward-thinking. It also shows what is possible for Mexican nonprofits and corporate allies willing to think outside the box with an eye to engagement-facilitated impact, not just a one-off donation.

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