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Workshop teaching women how to access public information

PSYDEH is thrilled to have been selected by the USA-based Team4Tech as one of eight organizations from across the world, their first Mexican partner and only third in Latin America, to join their global community of nonprofit allies. This new three-to-five-year partnership focuses on integrating contextually appropriate technology solutions in our community-led development work, including and especially in the rural, isolated communities in which the women partners live.

Team4Tech’s goal is to advance progress around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4.4 (“ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.”). To do this, they partner with global technology companies like Adobe, Zoom, Hewlett Packard Enterprises on social impact projects that provide technology grants and training to build their partner nonprofits’ capacity to create opportunities for underserved learners.

PSYDEH’s Development Officer, Ryan Lavigne, explains, “Team4Tech will work with PSYDEH to determine which of their corporate partners can best assist us in our mission to use technology as a tool to enhance our women partners’ capacities to create their own sustainable development.”

Specifically, we use our partnership to make a concrete, measurable impact at the global, national, state, and local levels when executing our 2022-2024 field program. On the global and national levels, we will innovate an information and communication technology (ICT) model for rural, sustainable development in the developing world. At the state and local levels, we will boost PSYDEH program coordination with (1) Improved linkage of field hubs with the outside world, (2) Connecting PSYDEH staff and women partners, and (3) providing technology tools for field instruction.  We also expect to enhance PSYDEH’s outreach capabilities with rural women while unleashing partners’ potential by matching technology solutions to local demand for such.  

PSYDEH Non Profit NGO for Women in Mexico PopUp v002“What’s fantastic about Team4Tech”, says Damon Taylor, PSYDEH senior advisor, “is that they fill a gap in the marketplace of companies collaborating with nonprofits. Not only do they help ideate solutions to ICT problems, they then do the much less common, but essential work of translating these ideas into actual tools used on the ground.”

Our work with Team4Tech has already started via our Design-for-Impact Workshop with USA-based Zoom company (more on this exciting partnership soon). And this multi-year partnership will officially kick off in 2022! Watch this space for more exciting updates as we start this journey with our new tech-minded partners!

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They launched their first project in Kenya in May 2013 with five volunteers from Intel and four from VMware. Since then, Team4Tech has continued to expand educational opportunities for thousands of underserved students by leading technology volunteers on projects around the world. Their projects are continuously evolving and improving based upon the dynamic inputs of their talented partners and volunteers.

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