The Sierra Madre Network

is a cooperative incubation program and a catalyst to empower women as community leaders. Using a community-led development model, the Sierra Madre Network promotes a local systems change at the root advancing social, economic, and gender equality.


Program Objectives

Cooperative development

Support a network of four women-led cooperatives through biweekly training.

Skills and income

Generate income and leadership skills for members.

Economic solidarity

Mobilize local opportunities through economic solidarity principles.

Community development

Cooperatives organize and lead sustainable development initiatives.

Regional development agenda

Promote civic engagement and political advocacy through a regional development agenda.

Leadership events

Unite to learn and grow at training events and annual leadership conferences.

Support rural and Indigenous women as leaders of sustainable development

Join women-led cooperatives in addressing social, economic, and gender inequality.

Sustainable Impact

The Sierra Madre Network’s program objectives work to reduce inequality on three levels:

Personal Impact

Personal and professional development supports skill-building, empowerment, and the sustained success of women-led cooperatives.

Community Impact

Cooperatives lead sustainable development through local projects, partnerships, and campaigns addressing inequality.

Social Impact

Women-led cooperatives propel a local systems change increasing social, economic, and gender equality.

Meet the Cooperatives

Share your Skills

Join us as a Puentes volunteer and learn how to facilitate workshops that support women partners and their cooperatives with lasting personal and professional skills.

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