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Selling Women’s Art Funded by Global Individual Donors

PSYDEH Fruits of Change logoWith the experiential-learning oriented “embroidery initiative”, a key element of the ongoing “Fruits of Change” project funded by crowdfunding with GlobalGiving, PSYDEH backs women leader artisans’ crafts to help these budding businesswomen improve understanding of such concepts as quality control and production and pricing. 

Here, PSYDEH invests in one of the women partners’ few available income streams – the sale of artisan goods. This links long-term community development strategies undergirding our scalable model to short-term monetary gain for women co-leading our work.

In concrete terms, as of mid-December 2019, we invested $18,500 MXN in 19 embroideries produced by 15 women leaders of 3 organizations, with an average woman showing her embroidery art$1000 MXN per piece going directly into the woman’s pocket, this when she earns an average of $1,800 MXN per month.

We produced our mid-December fundraiser with Mexico City-based friends working with the global professional network InterNations to convert this initial investment into a minimum ROI on the embroideries of 86%, with all net income going to update these women’s organizations’ legal documents, a critical step for their own 2020 fundraising.


And, now, PSYDEH uses this initiative, the materials our USA colleague Jessica Gingles created to sell the artisanal products during the December event, to replicate the initiative in future years.

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