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Producing A Business-Support Initiative with Bank of America & GlobalGiving

PSYDEH-Non-Profit-NGO-for-Women-in-Mexico-Posts-v015-compressor2018 is an important year for PSYDEH’s now almost two year collaboration with US-and UK-based GlobalGiving (GG). GG is the largest global crowdfunding community in the world, connecting NGOs, individual donors, and companies.

Most recently, we’ve been chosen by GlobalGiving to participate in a needed business support collaboration initiative with Bank of America (BoA).

PSYDEH-Non-Profit-NGO-for-Women-in-Mexico-Posts-v016-compressorThis exciting development follows myriad other small and big wins with GG. For example, our crowdfunding performance ranks in the top 3% of the 1000s of NGOs collaborating with GG. We have launched multiple crowdfunding projects, including our ongoing project titled, “Seed Fund Indigenous Women Solving Local Problems” raising funds we now use to produce strong progress and increased transparency with indigenous women partners. We’re in midstream of our exciting Route2Good collaboration with the global digital communications Dentsu Aegis Network. We’ve been selected to sit on GG’s global leader counsel and will soon graduate from their 2018 Social Impact Academy.

With our BoA collaboration, ten BoA interns from around the world will review a white paper prepared by PSYDEH and GG staff around this charge:

How can PSYDEH adapt its online messaging and communications platform to better reach global individual and institutional donors?”

Upon completing their research and internal analysis in late summer 2018, PSYDEH and the BoA staff will discuss their practical solution-oriented proposals.

This is just another mutually beneficial collaboration between PSYDEH, GG and GG’s corporate partners where:
  1.  PSYDEH receives unique, global perspectives on how we have and can better communicate with donor-investors;
  2. BoA will practice their approach to helping NGOs like PSYDEH while helping their interns to develop presentation and problem-solving skills;
  3. GG forges more social capital between its corporate and NGO partners.


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