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PSYDEH Advises National Report on Increasing Access to, Adoption and Application of Communication Technology

mesa de discusion roundtableOn June 26, 2019, PSYDEH was among eight global and Mexican civil society organizations invited by the Mexican branch of the global organization Endeavor to speak at a roundtable on recommendations and strategies for increasing access to, adoption and applications of the information and communication technologies in Mexico, from the perspectives of the academia, civil society, government and entrepreneurship.

Speaking for Mexican grassroots organizations, PSYDEH was particularly excited to Endeavor communication technology roundtableshare thoughts on information and communication technology access and adoption challenges in rural, marginalized Mexico, including and especially Mexico’s indigenous communities. As PSYDEH’s Damon Taylor states,

“If Mexico is serious about increased, smart digitalization, which it should be if we are serious about empowering rural people to solve their own problems, it’s critical that we engage local communities as equal stakeholders whereby the access and adoption and application challenges are discussed and understood using their language and reflecting their perspectives on their own ecosystems, where any effort to address these challenges is holistic and unfolds smartly in the speed demanded by these stakeholders.” 

The other organizations joining PSYDEH at the table were the Mexican Asociacion de Internet.MX and the global Articulo 19, Ashoka, C Minds (AI for Good Lab), Finnovista, Fundación Capital, and PODER. The Roundtable, held at Piso 51 in Mexico City, Mexico, will produce a final report in August with best practices, success stories and specific recommendations regarding digital inclusion in Mexico.

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