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Notes from the Field, Strengthening Rights to Access Public Info & Protect Personal Data


Pursuant to 2018 work promoting the rights to access public information and to personal data privacy, and nationally recognized 2016-2017 work promoting women participation in electoral politics, PSYDEH was selected Programa Nacional de Impulso flyeragain by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) for a 2018-2019 project to sustain and scale impact in this area.

We use workshops, community radio spots, action learning exercises, and a regional public forum to educate indigenous women and their communities on how to use their rights to access public information and protection of personal data to make a social impact.

In so doing, we seek to deliver to INE a framework for a scalable educational model for empowering all of Hidalgo’s indigenous citizens to smartly know and use these rights. And, in PSYDEH fashion, we use photography and a short film to document our work as both a marketing and educational tool. *Photographs by PSYDEH staff and professional photographer Diogo Heber.



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