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December 2016 Field Report for Global Donors to PSYDEH “Fruits of Change” Campaign

2016 has been a banner year for PSYDEH and our women partners.

We’ve raised $10,272 and pursue our crowdfunding campaign goal of $15,000 by December 31! In the field, we’ve just completed strategic planning with our partners on the following actions planned for early 2017 and partially funded by your donation:

  • 40 workshops with 150 indigenous women from 32 communities to increase their participation in Mexico’s democracy
  • 15 strategic planning sessions with our 20 member Regional NGO on (1) qualitative assessments of local government community development plans and (2) their own local project design and implementation, and
  • produce the 3rd Regional Forum for 200+ indigenous citizens.
Yesica speaking about gender roles and Mexican democracy with women in Acuautla, Huehuetla, Hgo.

In quarters 2-4, among other actions we’ll highlight in future reports, we will conduct novel field research on which citizen leader disciplines sustain impact in the Region, innovate a series of workshops for women on story telling as marketing tool, and produce the 4th Public Forum.

As Yesica, the official in charge of indigenous community development for the newly installed local government of Tenango de Doria stated during our December 15 strategic planning session, “I have never seen any NGO produce a program like the one PSYDEH and its women partners work to implement. Your program’s scope and impact, achieved and pursued, is unprecedented and we want to help you in any way we can.”

To learn more about 2016 wins, impact, financials and more, click HERE for our brand new and first Annual Report!


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