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March 2017 Field Report for Global Donors to PSYDEH “Fruits of Change” Campaign

Three months have passed since we last spoke. Then, we celebrated our passing the $10,000 mark in our campaign to $15,000 while highlighting myriad big wins in 2016 and strategic planning for our 2017 work. Today is international women’s day, ideal for our sharing our second report. 


Among a few creative strategies for reaching our full fundraising goal, we now link Global Giving’s forthcoming April campaign “Little by Little” to our novel partnership with high school students in Ohio, USA. They want to produce a roaming coffee shop to build bridges between Mexicans and Americans. We think this is a great idea. ¡Adelante!

Augustina (left), regional leader, Tenango de Doria, Hgo.


Since mid-December 2016, your donation has helped us to:

  • FULFILL women’s demands for a tool to help them share learning in their communities.
  • PUBLISH the first of 3 articles planned for US and Mexican press in 2017, a new blog entry on why our work is needed, and plan for novel events in Mexico City as an extension of our national outreach strategy

Anectodally, Augustina, the regional leader pictured above, recently explained how ongoing work is challenging and rewarding. “PSYDEH invites us to make many changes and to be a part of a process bigger than ourselves. This is not normal but good. I’ve learned a lot of helpful things. For example, I had no idea that Mexican citizens have the legal right to demand to see and comment on the local government’s development plan. Now I know. This information makes me feel powerful.”


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