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Telling Compelling Narratives as Leadership Development and Marketing Tool

In early summer, PSYDEH commenced planning for our cutting-edge storytelling training initiative funded by our GlobalGiving crowdfunded Fruits of Change project.

In short, we know that stories bind us, they define who we are and what people think of us. As such, we offer women leaders of our nascent network of local NGOs a multi-phased series of workshops (BELOW RIGHT), including leader values-celebrating training, while co-creating with women their own personal, NGO and collective stories.

Progress has since been slow but consistent. We find that 80% of women are already willing to speak about their fears, strengths, and values, especially after seeing and hearing oral and written stories from other indigenous and non-indigenous women leaders in Mexico. The remaining 20% of women partners are still deciding whether and how they will tell their full story.

In time, each of these 20 women will tell the story she wishes to tell, in writing, image or drawing. And with luck and a bit of hard work, this initiative will end with:

(a) women presenting their stories at the next installment of our unprecedented Regional Forum series in March 2019, and

(b) PSYDEH helping the women to use their stories when pursuing funds in 2019.


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