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New Short Film on Women Feedback About Rights at Work (Spanish With English Subtitles)

For PSYDEH, photos and moving images reflect the truth, they are a form of feedback promoting autonomy, an antidote to feeling invisible, a very-2019-tool to inspire thinking. 

Our videos relay information. Our original films offer high-quality visual content designed to transport the viewer, to move her intellectually and emotionally. See for yourself. Below is our newest original short documentary film “Ciudadana” (Woman Citizen) produced by Kevin Fitzpatrick and Diogo Heber of Mexico City-based Obscura and narrated by Denise Roldán.

In PSYDEH’s longest and most personal film yet, women staff and indigenous women partners in Hidalgo, Mexico recount 2018-2019 rights-oriented project work funded by the Mexican National Electoral Institute.




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