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PSYDEH’s Transformative Journey with GlobalGiving

Author: Brenda Salazar

At the beginning of the year, I became a part of PSYDEH as a Global Collaborator, motivated by a deep commitment to contribute meaningfully to their mission. Tasked with assisting their partnerships team in crafting and executing impactful fundraising initiatives. I was specifically tasked to help fortify and enhance their relationship with GlobalGiving, one of PSYDEH’s outstanding partners. My journey with PSYDEH has not only been a professional endeavor but also a transformative personal experience.

During my time on the team, I witnessed firsthand the impact forged through the dynamic partnership between PSYDEH and GlobalGiving, specifically in their shared journey to empower Indigenous women.


GlobalGiving (GG) is a preeminent U.S.-based crowdfunding platform that bridges the gap between non-profit organizations and benevolent donors worldwide. GG’s contributions extend far beyond financial support, though. GG serves as a mark of credibility while also providing essential tools to non-profits, helping them effectively catalyze meaningful change.


The pivotal partnership between PSYDEH and GlobalGiving was officially established in 2016, marking a significant milestone in PSYDEH’s journey towards creating a lasting and positive impact within the communities it serves. GlobalGiving offers PSYDEH a gateway to a diverse array of donors, particularly U.S. and European donors., The partnership with GlobalGiving not only broadens PSYDEH’s donor base, but also elevates the organization’s credibility in the eyes of potential supporters.

Being associated with PSYDEH as a Global Collaborator has provided me with a firsthand view of the myriad opportunities that PSYDEH derives from this partnership. GlobalGiving plays a pivotal role in facilitating relationships with other organizations and enabling participation in specialized programs tailored for non-profit organizations.


During my time with PSYDEH, GlobalGiving (GG) facilitated a remarkable opportunity for the organization to participate in the BRIDGE Program by Lightful. The BRIDGE program, orchestrated by Lightful, is a comprehensive six-month training initiative designed to help alleviate digital fundraising and marketing challenges. This program encompasses a rich array of dynamic resources, including enlightening masterclasses, digital drop-in help sessions, personalized one-on-one consultations, and access to a thriving online networking community.

Through the BRIDGE Program, PSYDEH’s team gained access to a group of highly skilled digital marketing professionals who provided in-depth analyses of the organization’s operations and offered invaluable insights to enhance its status as a socially conscious non-profit. After completing the program, PSYDEH was not only enriched with knowledge, but also received a generous $1,000 donation through its GG page to further bolster its mission and impact.


GlobalGiving also coordinates a wide array of fundraising campaigns to help channel financial support to their affiliated non-profit organizations. These efforts are further bolstered by their impactful donation matching initiatives.

In a notable example of this collaboration, PSYDEH actively participated in GG’s July Bonus Day Campaign in 2023. Leveraging the invaluable insights garnered through the BRIDGE Program, PSYDEH proactively spearheaded a distinctive campaign, compelling its dedicated supporters to rally behind PSYDEH on  July Bonus Day. This strategic initiative not only showcased PSYDEH’s commitment to innovation but also demonstrated its adeptness in leveraging newfound knowledge to further its mission.

In a multimedia approach to storytelling, PSYDEH crafted a promotional video that served as a compelling narrative, effectively conveying the essence of PSYDEH’s mission and the tangible impact of their work. The team at PSYDEH, including myself as a Global Collaborator, took on the responsibility of disseminating information about the campaign to our respective networks. The collective effort bore fruit, resulting in a remarkable achievement of raising more than $3,000 on that day alone.

This collaboration exemplifies the power of strategic fundraising initiatives and the synergy between a non-profit organization and a dedicated platform like GlobalGiving.


Additionally, one micro-program in 2023 successfully received full funding through our GlobalGiving page. The micro project goal was to help fund an event (Bordamos Juntos) organized by PSYDEH’s women-led cooperatives to sell their handmade products. After a dedicated year of training, PSYDEH’s Sierra Madre Network, composed of women-led cooperatives, crafted their inaugural spring collection of traditional textiles and handmade products with plans to sell them in Mexico City. Their pop-up store and event in CDMX required a four plus hour journey and, of course, logistical expenses.

By sharing the cooperative’s accomplishments with our GlobalGiving community, the project ended up being fully funded. The cooperatives connected with over 60 buyers and sold, within hours, 20% of their collection. These contributions made it possible for our women partners to proudly sell their artisanal products and share their stories to the community in CDMX,  exemplifying their empowerment in dynamic action.


The partnership between PSYDEH and GlobalGiving is a beacon of hope and empowerment, reflecting the potential for transformative change when organizations come together to make a difference. As we celebrate these achievements, it’s clear that their collaborative efforts are changing lives and shaping a brighter future for communities in need.

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