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PSYDEH’s First Ever Team Retreat

Starting strong in 2022

For the first time in the organization’s history, PSYDEH’s staff gathered together in Mexico City for a jam-packed three-day team retreat last month to empower the team as we launch our ambitious 2022 programming. Among a dynamic schedule packed with skills-focused training and team-building workshops, the team also welcomed guest Hanna Bruening from German-based funder Lemonaid & Charitea Foundation while unpacking the timeline, logistics, and objectives for phase one of our new women-led cooperative incubation program, Sierra Madre Network.


Strengthening team bonds

Long-distance colleagues were able to join in the fun via Zoom, participating in meetings with potential funders and corporate sponsors and even collaborating with content creator and internet celebrity Jonathan Kubben in a workshop dedicated to the power of storytelling. 

In shared reflections on the retreat, team members commented that, “… it was a wonderful experience. I left with the feeling that the team is growing and forming really well”. Another shared, “I’m very inspired… to work with such empathetic leaders and create sustainable impact in the communities”, and yet another noted that they observed “…so much beautiful energy, enthusiasm, humor, space, and reciprocity” over the course of the retreat. 

Besides a collective love for the team-building game “spiderweb” and Ryan’s homemade vegan tacos, one of the all-time favorite experiences for the team was getting to spend quality time with their fellow teammates. One team member shared, “I loved the breakfasts together (especially the pancakes!) and the deep feelings we all share for our work.” Another teammate reflected, “I’ve been stunned to work with such beautiful people over these last days. I never thought I would bond in these contexts. I am happy, I want to cry with joy. I just want to hug them all!”


Achieving retreat goals for sustainable impact

PSYDEH’s first in-person retreat in Mexico City brought together team members from near and far with three goals in mind. First, to create meaningful and impactful exchanges. Second, to hone professional skill development. Third, to produce strategic planning, tactics, and evaluation tools for our 2022 programming and produce sustainable impact. PSYDEH’s retreat created the perfect opportunity to achieve these three goals and more: aligning our growing team, practicing our shared PSYDEH values, and working together to ensure that every voice would be heard, honored and incorporated into our collective work in the year to come.

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Author: Hannah Swenson

PSYDEH Sustainability Coordinator


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