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PSYDEH Awarded a Prize by the Prestigious Mexican Federal INE

PSYDEH has been awarded a prize by the Mexican federal election institution INE to produce elements of our two-year project plan with the objective of promoting indigenous women participation in Mexico’s democracy.

PSYDEH’s Board President signing the contract to execute work funded by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE)

With this project, we will contract with 8 local-based, native women professionals and community organizers to pursue project goals between November 2016 to March 2017:

  • strengthen the Women’s Regional Organization consisting of 20 native women leaders , five from each of the four municipalities;
  • produce 10 workshops to train fellow native women on ways to increase women citizen participation in 48 communities throughout the Region; and
  • produce the 3rd Annual Public Forum at which the Region’s native women leaders will share their novel regional development agenda with new government leaders from the four municipalities.

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