New Brochure for Volunteer Program

In summer 2020, PSYDEH launched its Global Collaborators Program for professionals looking for Mexico volunteer opportunities. We now have a brochure promoting this program!Mexico Volunteer Opportunities

This initiative consists of three pillars:

(1) Pillar one uses online volunteer platforms like Idealist and Chezuba to link with remote volunteers wanting to produce small, win-win one-off projects, e.g., SEO for our website or article publishing on 3rd-party websites. 

(2) Pillar two looks to bring self-selecting, high-performing professionals who want to make a measured impact via part-or full-time work onto PSYDEH’s team for a minimum of three, better six months. As a start-up oriented NGO, quality is far important than quantity.

(3) Pillar three builds on our 2019-2020 collaboration with the Secretaria de Trabajo’s “Jóvenes Construyendo el Futuro” through which we stand up PSYDEH’s “Young Professionals Corps“, only when resources are available from the government.

Since reorienting PSYDEH’s work in 2014-2015, and particularly important now during the COVID-19 pandemic when resources are limited, PSYDEH relies on high-performing, volunteer collaborators for staff. Our goal? Forge win-win partnerships with professionals looking for Mexico volunteer opportunities to make an impact with us and our indigenous women partners and their networks, in their individual and communities’ lives. As a past PSYDEH collaborator states: 

“If you are looking for an experience that gives you a chance to understand and collaborate on the challenging, first-hand work necessary to change the rural rurality in Mexico, I could not recommend an experience more highly.”

Special thanks go to Roisin McAuley, our strategic communications consultant, Mahathi Kumar, our special projects coordinator, and Carmen Grab, our global engagement coordinator for producing this brochure outlining all the important information about the Global Collaborators Program. We also thank Valeria Olivares, our social media content creator, for the Spanish translation, and Diogo Heber, our field photographer, for the pictorial contribution.

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