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PSYDEH, Chezuba, and The Tata Group

India-based Chezuba, an online skill-based platform, helps PSYDEH to make more impact in 2020 by linking with professionals from across the globe on impact-making volunteer opportunities in Mexico.

Chezuba and PSYDEH’s global collaborator’s program

In May 2020, Chezuba’s program officer Allen Bezaleel invited PSYDEH to use their platform to find professionals wanting to donate their skills. Spread across five continents, and linking 70,000 volunteers from 100 countries with non-profits in more than 40 countries, Chezuba aims to “organize the unorganized sector of volunteering and seek to bridge the global gap between the skills utilized and the skills needed through international volunteering opportunities”. See this animated video for more on Chezuba’s value proposition.

For PSYDEH’s part, linking platforms like Chezuba are essential to our offering closed-universe, short-term opportunities to serious professionals, i.e., pillar one of our new Global Collaborators Program. This is especially true in the COVID-19 era when we need to continue daily work in a virtual way, despite border closures and mobile restrictions. Since joining in mid-September, we have posted projects focused on article publishing on 3rd party websites in target donor countries, website design, and SEO. For example, we’ve had the great pleasure of working with USA-based online marketing expert Amy Moore, who helps PSYDEH win with her keen intellect, can-do attitude, and SEO expertise. Amy wins too, explaining,

“Working with PSYDEH was hands down, one of the best experiences of my professional career. The team is very talented, collaborative, and just all-around fun. From day one, they made sure that our work together was a win-win for both sides. One of the most fulfilling projects I have ever had the privilege to participate in.”

Now Building with the Tata Group

In mid-November, Chezuba’s Customer Support Executive, Aashima Safi, selected PSYDEH to collaborate with the Tata Group, one of the largest Indian multinational conglomerates with 100,000+ staff worldwide. In Chezuba’s partnership with the Tata Group, highly-skilled employees and family members are intentionally linked to selected non-profit partners with impact-focused projects.

This is already the third round of their collaboration, but the first time involving not only Indian nonprofits but also a few choice outfits from across the globe, and they feel that PSYDEH is a good fit! We have already submitted four projects around short-term needs Chezuba is now pitching to the Tata Group. Work will start in the first quarter of 2021. As Carmen Grab, the coordinator of PSYDEH’s Global Collaborators Program states:

“We are always looking for new ways to offer professionals volunteer opportunities to make an impact in Mexico. And, so, we are very excited to be selected for the Tata’s ProEngage program and look forward to starting our project work soon with the individual global volunteers”. 


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