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Special Edition Field Report for Global Donors to PSYDEH “Fruits of Change” Campaign

This Special Edition Report highlights new success and a unique opportunity


In mid-March, PSYDEH linked regional women leaders with a Mexican federal government project educating citizens on their rights around the protection of personal data. The collaboration was strategically timed such that rural partners see themselves as (1) actors addressing practical challenges of the modern age and (2) informed leaders sharing lessons learned with their local communities.

Regional women leader addressing local government and citizen leaders

On March 24, we produced the third Regional Public Forum to unite women partners around shared challenges. There, 200 indigenous leaders from across the Region joined local NGO and elected government officials to constructively discuss sustainable development. Like the 1st and 2nd Forums, this meeting linked the region’s women with foreign (Mexico, Canada and the United States) and national-based women (6 different Mexican states), with a particular focus on how and why women can participate in Mexico’s democracy.

Lastly, to grow our investor network and link American and Mexican young people, we’ve created a new partnership with a group of US high school students who launch in late spring the first of their roaming Mexican coffee shops to offer win-win experiences for US-based investors in our work.



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