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New Article on PSYDEH 8-step Program Model

GlobalGiving logoUSA-based GlobalGiving has just published the article “8 Steps to Community-Led Development that Work for my Team in Mexico” in their LEARN series. It is authored by PSYDEH’s Senior Advisor, Damon Taylor, with editing by PSYDEH’s Special Project Coordinator Mahathi Kumar.

The piece process oriented scalable modelexplains how PSYDEH crafts a process that empowers vulnerable communities in democracies to create solutions to local problems. It also provides various online resources organizations can reference when trying to understand more fully each step of the model. As Mr. Taylor explains in the article,

“Developing understanding in community is fundamental to information exchange with vulnerable populations. A central theme of Paolo Freire’s thinking on Educación Popular is “whoever teaches learns, and whoever learns teaches.” In practice, we suggest incorporating three elements into your constant education-oriented work. First, embrace that local partners possess needed knowledge, as well as innate and learned capacities. Second, ensure that all are both seen as teachers and students and speak the same language, literally and figuratively. Third, educate with action and skills in mind: Understand and use economic and political rights embedded in laws, promote free electoral processes, produce micro-projects, learn and live civic-leader disciplines and autonomy.”

GG’s LEARN series is centered around the idea that successful nonprofits “Listen, Act, Learn. Repeat.”


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