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Changing course, as an organization and in the field

The new Andrés Manuel López Obrador six-year term as Mexican president has brought with it varied major changes. For example, his social policy strategically turns the government away from supporting NGOs like PSYDEH in favor of organized groups of citizens, especially rural indigenous communities.

As an organization, we are ahead of our time and somewhat prepared, having diversified income streams over the last three years.

In the field, our ongoing seed fund initiative will soon reflect this new social policy. We currently explore with women partners how best to change course with this activity to reflect their demands and the new Mexican government’s policy investing directly into the “pueblo”.

The government wants to invest directly in the pueblo with a focus on micro-economic projects without civil society actors acting as intermediaries. Perfect. Since 2014-2015, we empower rural, indigenous women to learn and use the skills and knowledge they need to negotiate with the government for the resources they need to solve their own problems. Having also achieved proper legal status, our Network partners are also able to fundraise with national and international companies and foundations requiring civil society status.

Indeed, with seed fund project success by March 2020–either via our producing capacity-building projects or micro-economic projects–this network of organizations will get the best of both worlds. They will have a competitive advantage over organizations like PSYDEH for available public funds from the Secretaria de Bienestar and the Secretaria de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural, as well as the Instituto Nacional de Pueblos Indígenas, while possessing the legal structures they need to collaborate with private foundations, companies and international donors.

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