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Case Study: MAAUAD

Originating in Hidalgo, Mexico, MAAUAD, a dynamic enterprise spanning three generations since its inception in 1949, passionately crafts an array of custom men’s shirts. Their expertise encompasses traditional guayaberas with artisanal embroidery, refined dress shirts, casual attire, and even denim options. With their meticulous Mexican craftsmanship, they ensure each shirt is a distinctive masterpiece.

Driven by a passion for creation, MAAUAD’s diverse offerings provide the means to fashion an exclusive and tailored style that reflects individuality and taste.

Why are we partnering?

We collaborated with Maauad through the “Que bien luces apoyando’‘ campaign. As a result of this partnership, MAAUAD donated 50% of the sales generated by the products sold throughout March 2023.. This joint effort led by PSYDEH and MAAUAD contributed to empowering Indigenous women, and promoting socio-economic development within the local community. This impact was achieved through our flagship program  Sierra Madre Network.

“We wanted to contribute to the cause, as 90% of MAAUAD’s workforce are women and we were looking to leave a stronger message about this with our customers through our campaign communication.-Axel Rojo Rivas, Marketing Manager at MAAUAD

Where do we focus our efforts?

The collaboration between MAAUAD and PSYDEH is centered on the Bordamos Juntos initiative, a social enterprise that passionately strives to promote the empowerment of women artisans, while also fostering gender equality and enhancing business practices.

In this partnership, the primary focus was on cultivating and preserving the rich history of Mexican artisan crafts, which are deeply rooted in Indigenous traditions.


As our market is mainly men, we wanted to raise awareness about the importance of contributing to the cause. The intention of this was to let people know that we need to help a struggle that is experienced in the country and in the world. As well as to promote support for non-profits, such as PSYDEH, by making visible their work with rural women.”


Why is it a win-win partnership?

The collaboration in the “Que bien luces apoyando” campaign between PSYDEH and MAAUAD was beneficial to both parties in terms of:

  • Social impact: PSYDEH gained additional resources to fund productive projects with Indigenous women in the Sierra Hidalguense. This initiative further enabled PSYDEH to support and enhance the development of these projects.
  • Advocacy and visibility: Collaborating with MAAUAD expanded PSYDEH’s platform to publicize its cause, raising awareness about the significance of gender equality and the preservation of artisanal traditions. This collaboration also facilitated a more widespread reach and impact for both organizations’ shared goals.
  • Corporate social responsibility: By donating 50% of its product sales during March to PSYDEH, MAAUAD showcased its commitment to social responsibility. This collaboration underscores MAAUAD’s dedication to community support and contribution to sustainable development, highlighting a meaningful partnership between the two organizations.
  • Economic empowerment: Enabling MAAUAD’s customers to engage in a significant social cause while acquiring quality products, the campaign instilled a sense of accomplishment. Buyers experienced the satisfaction of making a positive impact through their purchases, fostering projects that empowered Indigenous women and adding value to their shopping experience.


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