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2019 Site Visit with GlobalGiving’s Field and Evaluation Team

Field team meetingPSYDEH recently welcomed Carolina Leyva to accompany “Fruits of Change” campaign-funded fieldwork in the Nahuatl municipality of Acaxochitlan, Hidalgo.

Ms. Leyva is one of eight members in GlobalGiving’s (GG) first Mexico-based Field and Evaluation Team traveling to 15 different states to evaluate and provide personalized support to the more than 80 Mexican organizations that are part of GG’s global network.

Globally, GG’s field-team visits verify for global donor-investors that funds are being used appropriately. This is part of GG’s social contract with donor-investors and organizations like PSYDEH to whom they offer the ability to accept tax-deductible donations from US and UK donors. Moreover, Team members offer consultations on better practices for digital fundraising and communications.

For her part, Ms. Leyva recommends that PSYDEH expand our use of GG’s crowdfunding platform to increase Mexican national and local donors and that we consider creative ways to promote our “very good” content in our YouTube channel. She ends her report by stating that

“…it is incredible to see [first hand] how PSYDEH’s work has led to more independent and united communities which, in turn, helps them see how real development progress is within their reach. [You] really know how to identify and train leaders to increase [their] impact.”

GlobalGiving's Carolina LeyvaMs. Leyva is a chemical engineer by training, passionate about human relationships, environmental awareness, and self-knowledge. When she is not working with GG, she collaborates with Enseña por México with an eye to helping her students to develop social-emotional skills and become more aware of their environment.

GlobalGiving Field Program Completion Certificate



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