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2018-2019 Prize To Strengthen Women’s Political Participation

Following on the heels of 2018 work promoting the rights to access public information and to personal data privacy (see below a short film promoting this project), and nationally recognized 2016-2017 work promoting women participation in electoral politics (see below a highlight video), PSYDEH has been chosen again by the Instituto Nacional Electoral (INE) for a 2018-2019 project where we will:

(1) Produce 24 workshops over six months for 100 indigenous women leaders.

(2) Empower our nascent indigenous women’s network of organizations to facilitate 300 citizen requests for information from municipal, state and federal government — information that is then integrated into women’s proposals for the sustained development of their communities.

(3) Use the unprecedented Indigenous Women’s Agenda 2019 to make responsible demands of government, including during the 5th installment of our groundbreaking series of Otomí-Tepehua regional forums of indigenous women.

(4) A new original short film promoting women’s participation in electoral processes.

(5) A new series of radio spots promoting awareness of these rights in the region’s languages of Nahuatl, Otomí and Tepehua.

2018 film promoting citizen access to public information and personal data privacy

2017 video celebrating 2016-2017 project with INE

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