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Training Indigenous Women to Use the Electoral Process to Make Social Impact

PSYDEH is conducting a series of trainings, one workshop in each of the four majority-indigenous municipalities in the Region. These trainings based on modules of understanding were initiated in late August and will continue through October as part of our 2017 collaboration with INMUJERES to strengthen indigenous women’s participation in Mexican electoral processes:

  • Module One: Indigenous women and community identity
  • Module Two: Indigenous women and political participation
  • Module Three: Indigenous women rights: agendas and leadership
  • Module Four: Leadership as tool for social impact

These modules are based on the Instituto Nacional Electoral 2016 two manual set on the formation and strengthening of indigenous women political participation: volumes 1 (Identity and participation of women from indigenous communities) and volume 2 (Indigenous women and community rights: agendas and leadership).

PSYDEH targets these 16 training sessions to 100 women from 16 different Otomí, Nahua and Tepehua communities in Acaxochitlan, Tenango de Doria, San Bartolo Tutotepec and Huehuetla in collaboration with INMUJERES and local governments in the months leading up to 2018 national elections in Mexico.

MODULE ONE: Indigenous women and community identity

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MODULE TWO: Indigenous women political participation

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MODULE THREE: Indigenous women rights: Agendas and Leadership

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