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Strategic Planning with the Regional Indigenous Women Organization

On September 30, in Tenango de Doria, Hidalgo, PSYDEH completed its third strategic planning session with the regional Indigenous Women Organization.

Umbrella Network Coordinator and Regional Board Leaders


  • outlined final steps to legal formalization of the umbrella network of ORGANIZATIONS such that each will have a unique legal name, organization leadership structure consisting of a president, secretary and treasurer, and be able to raise money to support their own local and regional projects.
  • explored whether and how to negotiate with local government on their participation in the 2nd Annual Regional Public Forum scheduled for November 25, 2015

    Leaders from San Bartolo Tutotepec and Huehuetla
  • talked through next steps for the incubation of the Regional Cooperative including Regional leaders leading the selection of founding members of the Cooperative
  • agreed on producing two field organizing tools, including a flier to be used by Board leaders when negotiating with government and a Field Manual to be used as a reference tool linking rights, leader disciplines and program activities.
  • video recorded multiple short interviews with individual regional leaders on why they collaborate with PSYDEH, what they seek to do as regional leader and what they would like to relay to those outside the Region.
Click HERE for the Field Manual (in Spanish) distributed to regional indigenous women leaders
Click HERE for the Program Promotional Flier distributed to regional indigenous women leaders

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