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PSYDEH Program Inspires Local-Based Pilot Projects

In just two years time, PSYDEH’s program has already resulted in “the spontaneous” development of nine new pilot projects led by indigenous women!


Five women from the community of Los Reyes build a new project to raise sheep for meat, milk, fur and reproduction.

In the community of Santa Ana Tzacuala, two groups of women build different projects:

  1. Five women do the same as their peers in Los Reyes with a project to raise sheep for meat, milk, fur and reproduction.
  2. Four women build a project to strengthen a local cooperative of artisan weavers.



In the community of Ejido Santa Monica, program participants lead their community in building a project to reforest 50 hectáreas (or 124 acres) of forest. 


In 2016, one women leader from the community of El Nandho coordinates a pilot project to raise pigs for meat and reproduction.

In 2015, women leaders collaborated with the Organización Independiente Para Comunidades Indígenas de Bajos Recursos Económicos (INCUBASI) on a small pilot project in the municipalities of San Bartolo Tutotepec and Huehuetla to help rural citizens link with state authorities on correcting mistaken personal data. This project helped 50 people resolve issues.

HUEHUETLA (2015 – 2016)

In 2016, women leaders from the community of San Antonio el Grande build a pilot project to secure and use sewing machines to increase production of artisan goods and clothing. And learning from their friends in Acaxochitlán, five women leaders from the community of Acuautla build a project to grow pigs for meat and reproduction.

In 2015, women leaders from the community of San Gregorio collaborated with the Red de Organizaciones de la Sociedad Civil Hidalgo 84 (REDOSC) on a pilot project to link 25 families in need with a (1) training program on the value of green technology and the delivery of (2) Rainwater Capture Systems and (3) Clean Burning Stoves.

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