PSYDEH wins Google Ads Grant

In June 2020, PSYDEH won a Google Ads grant. This award gives PSYDEH up-to-$10,000 USD per month in ad grant buys to post free search ads to promote to target audiences around the world how we and our indigenous women partners combat inequality by creating sustainable change from the bottom-up.

Team collaborators Mexican Eloy Giles and Australian Casey Marriott got the ball rolling by applying for the grant and setting up the first ads on the account while securing institutional learning around the ins and outs of how to get the most out of Google Ads. And, so, when USA Raquel Pozsgai joined PSYDEH in September to become PSYDEH’s resident expert in Google Ads, she could hit the ground running when improving our process, including with the help of our partners at GlobalGiving and friends at ChildAid to Eastern Europe.

PSYDEH uses the Google Ads grant for a variety of goals including attracting new donors, promoting campaigns, and advertising collaboration opportunities. Google ads are made up of 2-3 sentence ads with headlines consisting of specific and descriptive keywords that when executed correctly, reach the target audience of people who want to get involved and learn more about the organization.

Social media is a key digital communication tool because our content can reach a wide audience of people, however, that audience may or may not be interesting in learning more about the organization. Unlike social media, Google Ads helps us to focus on the people who most definitely are interested before they even search, so when they do and the ad pops up, it is a perfect match. 

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