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Indigenous Women Artisans Display Spring Collection at Bordamos Juntos Event

In honor of Women’s History Month and in coordination with a Global Giving microproject, we brought our work as an NGO for indigenous women to life at Bordamos Juntos: Pop-up Solidario in Mexico City. On a sunny Saturday afternoon in March 2023, the event showcased the first-ever spring collection of Mexican artisan embroidery from our women-led cooperatives in Hidalgo.

Read on to learn more about the success of the event and our work with these women-led cooperatives.

Mexican Artisan Embroidery, Live Music, & More

The Bordamos Juntos Pop-Up extended a warm welcome to both Mexico City locals and foreigners, inviting them to explore the embroidered work of Otami region women artisans. Passersby marveled at the craftsmanship showcased in the diverse range of pieces, including pillowcases, wall coverings, towels, and more. Hidalgo-grown coffee, homemade fruit liqueurs, and locally-sourced cocoa complemented the collection. Banda Ritual provided lively background music that mirrored the vibrancy of the pieces themselves, inviting eventgoers to “sit and stay awhile.”

Community Led Development: About Red Sierra Madre

This event was the result of our ongoing work supporting rural and Indigenous women in Hidalgo, Mexico, specifically our Red Sierra Madre program. Red Sierra Madre is a cooperative incubator program that supports more than 60 women in their personal and professional development through workshops, training, events, and opportunities to work and disseminate their products.

The Bordamos Juntos event was a learn-by-doing experience for these women-led cooperatives. With the launch of their first collection of  artisan embroidery in Mexico City, they put money in their pockets while also learning how to timely deliver an order using technology. They also for first time used a smart pricing model tool built with our 3M partner, including how to price their goods for segmented Mexican and foreign buyers. 

To learn more about these cooperatives and to follow their work, explore the links below:

Attendees were not only invited to shop but also to learn first-hand from some of our women-led cooperative leaders about the hardships many women face in marginalized Hidalgo. A pop-up highlight featured a brief presentation on the work of these cooperatives. Alejandra Ríos Pérez, PSYDEH’s Field Program Coordinator,  reflected: “This year’s edition of Bordamos Juntos meant potential learning since the cooperatives managed to put into practice some of the knowledge acquired during their time working in Red Sierra Madre. I think that significant learning is only achieved when you learn by doing, and this year at Bordamos Juntos, the cooperatives worked and learned collectively — it was extraordinary.”

In the end, all funds raised went back to the women-led cooperatives and to cover event production costs. The event also exceeded its Global Giving fundraising goal of $450 USD.

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