New 2020 Annual Report

2020 Annual Report
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PSYDEH’s 2020 annual report offers visually strong, narrative-centric reporting on how we navigated a hard pandemic year that reminded us of truths like how long periods of disconnection complicate relationship-centric work. Or, how organizational reorientation over five years ago continues to yield fruit.

In 2016, we set out to model a new paradigm for how local-focused, Global South nonprofits can sustain their work while innovating a process-oriented prototype for empowering marginalized women and their communities to lead their own sustainable development (community-led development). Now, we have evidence of our progress in both of these areas. 

In this beautiful, full-color evaluation of the year that was, you can learn about our first e-book called “Narrativas” (stories) and our most recent short film called “Poderosa” (powerful woman). You can see how we began working to address rural communitiesneeds during the pandemic, work that is central to what we do in 2021. And you can read about PSYDEH’s new value propositions, what we promise to do when confronting inequality. 

Special thanks to Monica Burba, 2020 annual report designer, and USA strategic communications consultant, and to Roisin McAuley, 2020 report producer, and UK strategic communications consultant. We also thank Diogo Heber, our long-time Brazilian resident professional photographer, for his outstanding pictorial contributions. Without Monica’s, Roisin’s, and Diogo’s creative input, top-notch work, and leadership, this report could not exist. 



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