Innovative Agreement Between PSYDEH and American University, Washington, DC USA

On June 25, 2015, PSYDEH formalized an unprecedented for Mexico Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Key Public Sector Leader program at American University, Washington, DC, USA (AU).

With this MOA, we now seek funding to underwrite cooperative educational projects with AU. Our vision includes two capacity building focus areas. First, we seek to facilitate the sharing of adult leader training skills between AU experts and a cadre of Mexican professionals ready to train public sector leaders in Mesoamerica through an AU certificate-awarding program. Second, we will deploy AU’s training methodology to train citizen leaders in the Region, beginning with our Advisory Board and Cooperative members. These innovative training programs will integrate AU’s Action Learning development methodology with that which is effective in the Region’s indigenous communities.

For PSYDEH, we envision a different reality for the Region, Hidalgo and Mexico. We work to decrease poverty, increase wages and sustain human and communal development. We know from experience and international research that success in these areas results from bottom-up led initiatives by citizens using their economic and political rights. We trust that citizens are best able to lead when they are engaged as partners and invited to strengthen their innate leader disciplines in collaboration.  We believe that our MOA with AU is a cutting-edge way to link Mexico and Mesoamerica with the US and invite partnership across cultures and strengthen leadership capacity among citizens.

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